Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s and General Info

Dark Spots on shirt collar tips:

The stains on the collar tips and seam areas are caused by the heat of commercial pressing. There is a bonding agent in between the collar fabric and the interfacing that is meant to hold the fabrics together before it is sewn.  If there is too much of this bonding agent used or the manufacturer used a product that will not withstand commercial pressing, this will likely cause permanent stains. 

Never Rub a Spot:

When you initially spill something on your clothing the best thing to do is simply Blot the area with a dry cloth.  By rubbing the area you will most likely chafe the fabric.  Rubbing will break the fibers and leave them looking dull and can often cause color loss during the cleaning process.  Garments should be sent to the cleaners as soon as possible for proper treatment.

Yellow/Brown Stains Appear after Cleaning:

Often times stains can appear after cleaning that were invisible to the eye before. Normally this is caused by some type of oil that came in contact with the fabric. This could be a salad dressing, natural oils from foods, or even lotion and creams. Over time these stains can start to oxidize and turn brown. Exposure to oxygen causes oxodiation similar to the way an apple turns brown when left exposed. The heat necessary to clean and finish your garment can also cause this stain to darken. This is why it is important to clean your clothes in a timely manner after wearing them.

Is Dry Cleaning bad for your Clothes?:

Many stains are not visible to the eye right after you wear the garment.  Perspiration, body oils, perfumes, colognes, and even sugars can go unnoticed at first. If these stains are not removed they will oxidize over time. Stains will become noticeable and permanent.  Depending on the stain it can look like color loss, or turn yellow, and/or start deteriorating the fabric. 

So the answer is no. Cleaning your clothes in a timely manner is important to the longevity of your fine fabrics….

Why do my shirts shrink after the first few launderings?:

The Drycleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI) informs us that all cotton and cotton blends will shrink an average of 3% within the first few washings.  This equates to about a half inch in the neck size and almost and inch in the sleeves on an average sized shirt.  Please take this into consideration when purchasing your dress shirts.

Cleaning your Clothes before Storage:

It is highly recommended that your clothes be professionally cleaned before storing for the off season.  Not only will this keep stains from setting and causing damage while in your closet, it will deter moths from attacking your fine fabrics. Moths are attracted to food spots.  Often times this is not noticeable before cleaning. Rather after cleaning the moth damage become visible due to the weakening of the natural fibers.

Home Spot Removers and Pretreatments:

It is recommended to consult a professional cleaner before using home remedies such as: hairspray, club soda, and acidic juices.  All of these methods can cause irreversible damage to your garment if not done correctly.  The best action to remove your stains is to take it to a quality cleaner as soon as possible.

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