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Comforter Cleaning Services

Comforter Cleaning varies depending on the type of comforter and what it is filled with.

For instance, most down filled comforters are washed in over-sized machines to allow the comforter to get adequate agitation. Our comforter cleaning service will ensure that your comforter will be cleaned as thoroughly as possible.

Drying of down is done in an over-sized front loading tumbler. The air flow in this dryer is far superior to home dryers, and will be able to fully dry all of the filling without leaving any odor behind.

Fiber or Polyester filled comforters are usually dry cleaned or washed according to the recommended care instructions. The dry clean only comforters are cleaned with top of line equipment and chemicals that will rejuvenate your comforter and bring back that new feel.

When a fiber filled comforter is recommended to be washed they are treated with the same care as a down filled comforter but only requiring half of the dry time. Once our comforter cleaning service is complete, all comforters are carefully folded and placed in a breathable zipper bag that is reusable and can be used for safe storage!

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