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Dry Cleaning Services Throughout Peoria, IL

Expert Dry Cleaning Services

Ideal Troy Cleaners is Peoria's most trusted Dry Cleaners.

Our dry cleaning service uses what we like to call the “best of both worlds.” We use the traditional standard in dry cleaning solvents to get a deep down clean on the more soiled or greasy garments.

On the other side of the coin, we use a new age solvent that is Petroleum-based and less aggressive.

This allows us to clean beaded items with minimal action to preserve the longevity of your delicate items. All items that are dry cleaned are hand finished and checked over diligently to give our customers the highest quality product.

In addition to our top-quality dry cleaning service, we also have an onsite seamstress that is available Monday - Friday at our Detweiller Drive Location during operating normal hours. She is very reasonably priced and will accommodate most every customer needs.

We Specialize In:

Wet Cleaning Services In addition to our dry cleaning service, we also provide a high-quality wet cleaning service.
Wet Cleaning is done in a specialized machine that allows us to clean “dry clean only” items that have significant stains which would not be removed with conventional cleaning
Our Wet Cleaning Service utilizes special detergents and additives ensure that your garment will not shrink or lose color during this process.

After the garment is cleaned it is hung to dry and hand finished to insure the most delicate care.
Girl in black dress — Laundry in Peoria, IL
Suede & Leather Cleaning

Ideal Troy Cleaners is happy to provide a suede and leather cleaning drop off service for our Peoria Area customers.

All items for cleaned by our suede and leather service are cleaned by a local third-party professional in Kewanee, IL.

The items are picked up from Ideal Troy Cleaners on Tuesday and the following Tuesday they are returned to us and will be available for pick from us on Wednesday morning.
Wedding Gown & Bridal Gown Preservation

When it comes to one of the most expensive parts of your wedding, don't settle for anything less than the outstanding quality that Ideal Troy delivers for wedding gown preservation.

Each Bridal Gown dress is meticulously looked over and checked before cleaning. If needed, the wedding gowns are spot treated by hand and cleaned very delicately.

Our wedding gown preservation service hand presses the Bridal Gown after cleaning and inspects the gown for any remaining “Champagne stains.” The gown is then carefully bagged so you may inspect it before it is preserved.

Upon inspection, our bridal gown preservation service uses acid free tissue paper and special packaging to ensure your dress will withstand being stored until it can be passed along to the next generation!
Girl in wedding dress — Laundry in Peoria, IL