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Laundry Cleaners of Peoria, IL


Pristine Laundering Services

Ideal Troy Cleaners has offered a high-quality laundry cleaning service to the Greater Peoria Area since we opened our doors in 1914.

Our Laundry Cleaners use the best detergents and additives when washing your dress shirts. Once washed and checked for spots all shirts are pressed on state of the art pressing equipment.
Polo — Comforters Cleaned in Peoria, IL
Once finished, all shirts and pants are checked for missing or broken buttons. Any missing buttons are replaced free of charge! The shirts are then re-checked and bagged ready to hang in your closet.

In addition to our regular Laundry Cleaning Service, we also offer a shirt folding service for those who travel. The shirts are folded and bagged individually making it easy for the business traveler.